Video Conference Workshop Spiritual Sunday Nov 5

“When we blame others, we give up the power to change ourselves.”
Marshall B. Rosenberg

In this time of uncertainty and lack of stability in our world, take comfort and find hope in learning, sharing and living the principles of Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication. Enjoy diving into the teachings of NVC from the founder, Marshall Rosenberg during these videoconferences once each month on Sunday mornings. Savor these spiritual teachings and fill yourself up for the month. This will give you some strength and hope in these often troubling times. One of the pieces we will explore is “enjoying other peoples’ pain.” If you would like a taste, you will find it here: Go to youtube: How do we hear someone without taking responsibility for their hurt or think we need to do something to fix it? All this and much more to unpack the concepts and principles of NVC in this delightful connection to the source of this work — Marshall Rosenberg.

Marshall’s Teaching Comes to Life!
Learn NVC from the source – Marshall B. Rosenberg video excerpts

Monthly videoconference gatherings – every 1st Sunday of the month

Day/Date: November 5th, 2017

Time: 9:30 – 11:00 AM PDT 10:30-12 PM MDT (Tucson time) 11:30-1:00 PM CDT 12:30-2:00 PM EDT 17:30 CET

Location: Zoom Video Conference. Register: to 520 419-2176 or We will send the link when you register.

Contribution back: $25 – 35 per session. Payment through paypal to friends and family — If you would like support, please ask for directions to pay. We do not turn away people who want to join us. If you are unable to joyfully contribute, we invite you to attend anyway.
We’re excited to share with you — excerpts from Marshall’s teaching as a way to connect you to the source of Nonviolent Communication, to savor the diamond gems of his teachings and bring meaning and value to you so that you can take these jewels and incorporate them into your own lives. Michael Dillo, Switzerland and Sylvia Haskvitz, Tucson, AZ, USA, certified trainers and assessors with the Center for Nonviolent Communication have both had the great fortune to have spent many hours with Marshall and learned from him directly. Since many of you have not experienced Marshall, we imagine this offering may be the next best thing that we can share with you.

Even people who have never met Marshall personally tell us they have seen Marshall videos and are fascinated. But they can rarely say what it is exactly that fascinates them. It is as if the fullness is indigestible. It seems too much at once to really digest, to apply and absorb this spiritual nurturing. From this feedback, came the idea of dividing these long videos and sound recordings into small digestible sections. In so doing, you will experience a few distinct diamonds right in front of you — where Marshall’s profound empathy, his playfulness and his humor are freshly revived.

We invite you to join us for a videoconference where at each session we offer one or two shot 4-10 minute sound and film excerpts of Marshall’s words and wisdom on specific subjects. (i.e. How to say NO in Giraffe, Other peoples jackals are always funny, Gratitude, etc.) and you explore the relevance through discussion, role play or experiential exercises.
Connect with NVC community from around the world – all without leaving your home or office.

Sylvia Haskvitz, MA, RD, CNVC Certified Trainer, Assessor, Author,
Communication Coach and Mediator. Sylvia has lived and shared NVC for
27 years throughout the world and first met Marshall in 1989 in San
Francisco, CA. For many years she organized training for Marshall in the
Bay Area.
Michael Dillo, Ph.D, CNVC Certified Trainer, Assessor and Communication
Coach. Michael lives in Switzerland where he first met Marshall in 1997 at
an introductory workshop with 10 participants in Orchidea Lodge,
Switzerland (Marshall’s European home at the time).