Phoenix Apr 22 Needs Exchange

Network Like You Give a Damn: Needs-Based Community Development

Needs Exchange is an event where you meaningfully connect with others through a simple group process based on giving and receiving.

The event begins with participants writing out five things they can offer and five things they need. All of these offers and needs are then posted on the wall and participants spend an hour connecting with one another specifically based on the opportunities for contributing to one another’s needs.

Needs Exchange is a way to discover what kinds of support you can give and receive. This is not a professional networking event. Needs Exchange is an inclusive gathering based on the belief that communities are constituted and made stronger when each person realizes their capacity to contribute to and receive from one another.

Sunday April 22, 2:00 pm -3:30 pm


* * * This event is limited to 10 people. Exact location will be given to those who confirm RSVP. * * *