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Compassion as a Language for Life   NEW!This book study is geared to those who want to create more satisfying relationships and handle conflict with more patience and ease. We will use Marshall Rosenberg’s revolutionary approach of Nonviolent Communication (NVC, aka Compassionate Communication), to explore how language shapes our world. This course presents a developmental sequence for skill building based on the four primary components of the NVC model; skill building will continue with the March/April session, “Practice Group.” The book study will continue with Compassion as A Language for Conflict during Fall 2017. Purchase book, “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life,” from the instructor for $10.


Compassion as a Language for Life
Item: WS18-179 Rachel GarmonSharon Seymour
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Bldg: Building 19
Sessions: 6 Th        Room: 225
2/1/2018 – 3/8/2018 Fee: $140.00
Compassion as A Language for Life Practice Group   NEW!This course is designed for students continuing in the practice of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication method. Participants will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding and practice of Compassionate/ Nonviolent Communication. Each class will offer a variety of exercises designed to increase skills of deep listening, self-connection, and honest expression. Prerequisite: 8 hours of NVC study to join this 6-week practical application course.


Compassion as A Language for Life Practice Group
Item: WS18-180 Rachel GarmonSharon Seymour
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Bldg: Building 19
Sessions: 6 Th        Room: 225
3/22/2018 – 4/26/2018 Fee: $140.00

Sarah Edmonds,, 928-830-4661

I am a psychologist in private practice, offering psychotherapy informed by nonviolent communication for children, teenagers, adults, and couples.

I completed the 2007 Parent Peer Leadership Training Program sponsored by the Center for Nonviolent Communication and Bay NVC, taught by Inbal Kashtan, certified NVC trainer and author of “Parenting from the Heart.” I have worked individually with certified NVC trainer Robert Gonzales, as well as attended NVC workshops with Sura Hart, Sylvia Haskvitz, Mary MacKenzie, and presentations by Marshall Rosenberg.

I also offer parenting classes and training for organizations on how to use NVC in the workplace. I’ve conducted workshops for the Arizona Psychological Association, Boys to Men Arizona, and West Yavapai Guidance Center Children’s Team.

Through my private practice as a psychologist, I use NVC in working with individuals, couples, parents and children, and in mediation.

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