Flagstaff Dec 7-9 Taking Mindfulness Off The Cushion and Into Your Relationships

Taking Mindfulness off the Cushion and into Your Relationships
Foundations Training in Compassionate Communication
December 7th, Friday – 6:30pm – 8:30pm
December 8th, Saturday – 9:30am – 4:00pm
December 9th, Sunday – 9:30am – 4:00pm
Flagstaff, AZ
Register By: November 23, 2018
In this workshop you will learn…
  • To bring interconnectedness into all of your relationships
  • To reduce your own and others’ suffering
  • To practice presence and non-judgment when you interact with others
  • To extend loving kindness to others with your words
…while having fun!
There is NO FEE for this course. FIMC’s mission is aligned with a 2,500 year old tradition, which is to offer teachings and events purely supported by dana, a Pali word meaning “generosity”. The teacher receives no compensation for his services. Participants are invited to help support FIMC and the teacher in a way they feel they can afford through donations. In the act of giving, we develop our ability to let go, cultivate a spirit of caring, and honor our inter-connectedness.
Registration is Required:
If applicants exceed the available space 3 weeks prior to the workshop, a lottery will be used to select participants. Those not selected will be placed on a waiting list. If an applicant is not selected in the lottery after applying for the workshop, the probability of getting accepted increases with each subsequent workshop/retreat they apply for.
Any applications received after registration close will be admitted as room permits.
Details & Location:
This workshop will be held at Bell Garden Buddhist Center (2708 N Fourth St D-4, Flagstaff, AZ). Additional information about the workshop, and what to bring, will be provided to all participants who are selected to attend the workshop.
For More Information:
or visit the FIMC Website
The Trainer
David McCain’s life purpose is to help people communicate more effectively and experience more joy in life. In early 2016, he re-started his business, Communicating with Heart, to bring this purpose to life. Eighteen years ago, applying the skills of the Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication transformed his strained relationship with his father into a deep friendship. Since then, he’s been practicing the model and sharing it with others. The process complements his meditation practice by providing a range of tools to bring compassion to all his interactions.