NVC Academy: Facilitate NVC Groups starting Mar 21

Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence

One of the most powerful ways of deepening your own NVC consciousness is to share it with others. Not only does it help you deepen and hone your NVC skills and understanding, it shines a bright light on the ways in which YOU are living the practice, gifting you with a sense of greater ease and joy within.

And… it’s FUN for everyone involved!

If you’re already facilitating NVC groups – or if you think you might be interested in doing so in the future, why don’t you join me this spring for Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence. It begins March 21st at 12:00 noon Pacific (California) Time. This comprehensive, in-depth, and popular course has been designed to support your ability to teach NVC effectively – in ways that may inspire others to embrace it, too.

What specifically will you come away with?

  • Clarification of your role as a facilitator, as well as tools designed to help you balance the needs of all participants (yours too);
  • Expansion of your NVC teaching skills, including how to create safety and ease in your groups – and how to respond to hecklers;
  • Fine-tune or create your uniquely personal teaching style, including learning how to keep the energy of your groups alive and flowing;
  • Understanding around charging for and promoting your work;
  • Enhanced ease and joy around the entire teaching process, and more!

By the way… My own teaching style, while it’s aligned with the heart of NVC, isn’t founded on traditional ways of speaking and living NVC. I’ve learned that – especially for those who’re new to the practice – this approach makes NVC more user-friendly and simpler to integrate into everyday life, and that makes teaching NVC a LOT of fun for everyone!

And you know what? You might even fall in love with the practice all over again.

Would you like to lead NVC groups that are alive – even exciting?

Mary Mackenzie, CNVC Certified Trainer
Co-founder and Lead Trainer, NVC Academy

p.s. Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence begins Thursday, March 21st at 12:00 noon Pacific (California) Time. If you’d enjoy hearing more, I invite you to click here to listen in as I share my heart for this unique course – as well as the surprising history around how and why I created it!