Flagstaff April 6 & 13 Compassionate Couplehood

Compassionate Couplehood with Dave and Katie
Saturdays, April 6th and 13th
9:00 to 4:30
Epiphany Episcopal Church (downtown Flagstaff)
Couplehood provides an opportunity to change two lives for the better. A loving, robust intimate relationship between two people offers each party a shoulder to cry on, a companion to enjoy life with, and a mate to grow with.
To create this relationship takes effort!
Dave and Katie will be sharing practices and concepts that have helped them maintain and grow their relationship. In a interactive and spirited format, they will offer time-tested tools based on the Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication model that will improve your relationship.
Through this 2-day course, couples will develop skills to:
  • Assess their relationship and create a vision for the future
  • Care for themselves and each others
  • Create connection to address even the most difficult issues
  • Learn practices and make agreements to maintain and grow the relationship
To learn more CLICK HERE or email Dave at davewithheart@gmail.com.
The early bird registration deadline is this Friday, March 15. So please, if you do want to sign up, sign up by then to get the reduced rate.
About the Trainers: David McCain and Katie Pierce met on October 30, 2009 and fell in love soon after (their meeting involved Dave dressing and speaking as a toddler and a type of sensual, not sexual, dancing called contact improv).  Dave moved from San Diego to join Katie in Flagstaff in early 2012 and they’ve lived here since.  Katie is living her life purpose of spreading joy through her work as a Physical Therapist in town specializing in treating dizziness and providing neurological rehabilitation.  Dave is living his life purpose of changing the world by helping people communicate better through his business, Communicating with Heart.  As a couple, Dave and Katie have experienced a range of ups and downs due to a variety of health issues.  Tools from the Compassionate Communication process have made a very significant difference in their ability to care for themselves, each other, and grow their relationship.  They are very excited to come together to share tools to help other couples create joy in their relationships!.
 David R. McCain – Owner/Trainer/Coach
 Call me to chat: 619-218-7554

This training happens April 6th and 14th. Click here for details.  I’m very excited to be training with my wife to help couples thrive!