Apr 3 & 6-7 Sedona Hedy Schleifer Events

Presenting With Boldness, Poise and Confidence

Dates: April 6-7

Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Location: Marriott Courtyard Sedona

Price: $495

Register: Hedy/Yumi.com/Sedona

Hedy will revitalize your presentation skills and empower you to inspire your audience

Why should you attend?

▪ Acquire an empowering stance and a variety of skills to grow your confidence
▪ Discover how to get “unstuck” from what has kept you back from performing at your very best
▪ Learn how to flow into your own style and authentic approach to communication

▪ Transform your own life through the power of communicating
▪ Take your presentations to a newer, deeper level
Is the training a good fit for you?

This training is a good fit for presenters of any kind, and anyone interested in personal development
and communication skills. However, this training is especially a good fit if you are “sort of
comfortable” giving presentations, and you wish to grow your confidence, genuineness, and
boldness to make the most powerful connection with your audience. Witness Hedy in action, with

her 30+ years presenting workshops, trainings, lectures and keynote speeches.

INFO: Patty at TLC (305) 604-0010; or Kimberly at (928) 274-0757
Screening of the award-winning documentary “Hedy & Yumi: Crossing the Bridge”

April 3, 2019, at 7pm, at the Mary D. Fisher Theater
Watch the trailer: https://www.hedyyumi.com/documentary