Paul Jozef


Paul Jozef

Certified NVC Trainer/Mediator/Attorney
Center For Complete Communication, Inc.

Hello, everyone out there who is drawn to the path of peace! My journey on that path began
in 1999, when I discovered NVC while going through the pain and turmoil of divorce with
my kids aged 3 and 5. NVC taught me how to befriend my feelings and find the peace and
love at the root of all my suffering and longings. It gave me the tools to keep trust,
acceptance and openness at the heart of my relationships, especially with my ex-wife and

In 2000, I left my law practice and founded the Center for Complete Communication, Inc.,
and in 2004 earned my certification as an NVC trainer. For the last 18 years I have been a
full time mediator and NVC teacher, providing classes and communication training to
groups, couples, families and individuals.

For families in transition, I provide mediation services resulting in courtroom-free divorces
and post-divorce modifications. I also help resolve disputes between businesses, disputes
between business partners, and disputes over real estate purchases. I conduct mediation
sessions in a humanizing way that is rich with empathy, understanding, and support. In
most cases, I also share legal information, evaluate legal issues, and prepare legally binding
written agreements and court documents.

If you are considering mediation, private NVC training or wanting to attend an NVC class,
send me an email or give me a call! I offer NVC classes intermittently, and often start a new
class upon request.