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David R. McCain
Sarah Edmonds

David R. McCain, davewithheart@gmail.com, communicatingwithheart.com, 619-218-7554

David McCain’s life purpose is to change the world by making relationships work. His trainings are based on the Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication that offers simple wisdom and practical tools to improve relationship. David McCain has used the Compassionate Communication model as a guide since 2000. After applying the model transformed his “rocky” relationship with his father, he began sharing the model with others in 2002. He specializes in a wide range of communication-skills trainings including self-care, active listening, giving and receiving feedback, and conflict transformation. He’s excited to share the powerful skills of Compassionate Communication to help businesses in Northern Arizona have greater success.  His website is www.communicatingwithheart.com and he can be reached at davewithheart@gmail.com.


Feed your Giraffe at the Sunday Practice Group!

This group will help you further develop your skills in the process!

Join other members of Flagstaff’s growing Giraffe Community in a 5-week journey to help YOU make the model work better for YOU!

Dates:  Sundays. February 3 to March 10 (no meeting over President’s Day Weekend, 2/17).  I’d like people to make at least 3 of the 5 sessions.

Time: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Location:  A private residence near Downtown Flag

To learn more and to register:  Go to this link!

On six Thursdays starting on February 7, you will have an opportunity to improve all your relationship with Compassionate Communication!Successful Relationships are the #1 determinant of well-being. The quality of your relationships not only determines personal and professional success, it determines both physical and mental health.
Through this 12-hour training you will develop skills to:
♥ Enhance your Relationship with Yourself
♥ Transform Challenging Relationships
♥ Nourish and Sustain your Best Relationships
“I highly recommend taking a class, workshop, or series of classes with Dave. He will get you out of your box and teach you a new way to think about relationships and communication. This is an incredibly useful skill set taught by a highly knowledgeable and passionate person.
                                                        ~ Molly Silverman
I loved this course. I would highly recommend it. While I consider myself a kind and compassionate person, it never ceases to amaze me how the differences in our communication styles can impact our lives. Take the leap!
~ Valerie Brazzell
  • Early Bird Rate (By January 11): $160
  • Standard Rate (January 12 – February 1): $180 ($15/hour)
  • With a friend (January 12 – February 1): $340 (about 14.20/hour)


NOTE: If you are interested in this training and uncomfortable with the fees listed here or if you prefer to pay by cash or check, please contact me at davewithheart@gmail.com. I am committed to creating mutually-satisfying arrangements that allow all interested individuals to attend my trainings. I would enjoy a chance to talk with you to determine an arrangement that works for both of us.


Self-Care Saturday: Finding Balance in the Age of Overwhelm
March 9, 9:00 to 4:30, Epiphany Episcopal Church (downtown Flagstaff)
We live in a day and age where overwhelm seems a natural feature of life. Do not despair. There is hope! We can choose how we respond to the sources of overwhelm and live a balanced life. In this session you’ll develop a range of Self-care tools to find your natural state of balance!
This interactive training will provide time-tested tools that will improve your relationship with YOU using the Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication model. Through this daylong course, participants will develop skills to:
  • Address the causes of overwhelm
  • Practice Self-Forgiveness and Self-Gratitude
  • Strengthen their relationships
To learn more CLICK HERE or email the trainer at davewithheart@gmail.com.
About the Trainer: David McCain’s life purpose is to help people make their relationships work! He has used the Compassionate Communication model as a guide for his own communications since 2000. After applying the model transformed his “rocky” relationship with his father, he began sharing the model with others in 2002. He is excited to help you awaken your “natural” compassion which will allow you to have better relationships with yourself and those around you.
        David R. McCain – Owner/Trainer/Coach
        Call me to chat: 619-218-7554


 Sarah Edmonds, sedmondsphd@gmail.com928-830-4661

I am a psychologist in private practice, offering psychotherapy informed by nonviolent communication for children, teenagers, adults, and couples in Flagstaff and Prescott. I also offer parenting classes and training for organizations on how to use NVC in the workplace.  I’ve conducted workshops for the Arizona Psychological Association, Boys to Men Arizona, and West Yavapai Guidance Center Children’s Team.

I completed the 2007 Parent Peer Leadership Training Program sponsored by the Center for Nonviolent Communication and Bay NVC, taught by Inbal Kashtan, certified NVC trainer and author of “Parenting from the Heart.”  I have worked individually with certified NVC trainer Robert Gonzales, as well as attended NVC workshops with Sura Hart, Sylvia Haskvitz, Mary MacKenzie, and presentations by Marshall Rosenberg.

For more information about Sarah Edmonds visit flagstaffpsychologist.org

Compassionate Parenting

Trainers: Sarah Edmonds & Dave McCain

When:  Saturday, May 5 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Where:  Epiphany Episcopal Church (423 N Beaver St)
Early Bird Discounted Rate (April 13): $169 per couple – $89 per individual
Standard Rate (May 1): $189 per couple – $109 per individual
Registration: email davewithheart@gmail.com