Christine Dove, MSW

Christine Dove, LCSW
The Institute for Conscious Connection is devoted to creating compassion and empathy
in our relationships with ourselves, our partners, families workmates.
Compassion and Empathy reduce anger and reactivity and allow harmony to grow.
This work is grounded inNonviolent Communication, created by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD
and the insights from the Enneagram.

Services include:
1. Classroom instruction at the Franciscan Renewal Center and Shadow Rock United Church of Christ
2. Facilitation of groups where the practice NVC process may be integrated into daily life
3. Psychotherapy informed by NVC and the Enneagram.
4. Trainings created in response to the current needs of groups and organizations.

Christine Dove, LCSW
Director, Institute for Conscious Connection
9838N 17th St
Phoenix, AZ 85020